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Month: October 2018

News of Differing Varieties

A few months back I got some bad news. Amazon announced they were closing down the Kindle Worlds program. This was disappointing because I had only recently published my first Silo Saga novella there and had been working on a trilogy of short novels as a follow up. With KW shuttered, there was no reason to go forward with that story, regardless of the love I was feeling for my new character and excitement for the discoveries he would make in his buried home. Such is life.

A bit of good news came recently when I received permission to republish my Silo Saga book through my own Kindle account. This means that SHADOW KILLER is once again available for purchase (and free to read through Kindle Unlimited). I am grateful the work I did on this book has not disappeared into whatever void sucks away the world’s forgotten stories. That depends on it being read, of course, so I am officially requesting that you give SHADOW KILLER a read. It’s a story about an orphan pulled out of unhappy circumstances and offered comfort and security, at a price. One he doesn’t fully understand until he’s much older and in too deep to get away. A little like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, except Wonka is the head of a post-apocalyptic human survival experiment, and there is no candy.

I owe special thanks to author Hugh Howey, whose original books inspired so many and who was kind enough to grant me permission to put mine back in circulation. If you haven’t read his books, I am a little jealous. You still get to read them for the first time.

These are Hugh Howey’s original Silo Saga books:




Once you’ve read WOOL, my little story will make more sense (although it can be read on its own). Don’t let that stop you from reading all of Howey’s books though. They are worth your time.


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